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Benefit Coordinators

Changes in the Termination Process in Web Contributions

Please be aware that The FINISHED button at the bottom of the terminate page in WCS has been removed recently. Therefore, when you are terminating an employee in the Web Contributions System, you will not need to look for a button that saves your transaction. You need only click the TERMINATE button and you will have completed the termination. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but it seems this will be more clear moving forward.
Thank you as always, for all that you are doing for your employees and your agencies.  If you have further questions, please contact me at susan.j.bevins@wv.gov.


Healthy Tomorrows

Benefit Coordinators,

Please begin thinking about the next step of the Healthy Tomorrows Program.  Your employees who are enrolled in PPB plans will not only need to have a doctor named, but also have gone to the doctor and gotten their Healthy Tomorrows Reporting Form filled out and sent in to PEIA.  We can accept those anytime until the end of Open Enrollment for plan year 2017.  Please contact me at susan.j.bevins@wv.gov or at (304)558-7850 extension 52633 for any further information. 


ACA PowerPoint

For those Benefit Coordinators who are struggling with the Affordable Care Act Rules, this PowerPoint may be helpful.


September 2015 Benefit Coordinator Quarterly Workshop

For those of you that were unable to attend the September  9 Workshop,

here is the PowerPoint.

New FBMC Demographic Change Form

FBMC has introduced  a new form to replace their Change in Status Form.  Please be sure to dispose of the old forms and begin immediately using this one.

FBMC Demographic Change Form


New Authorization to Remove Form

The Authorization to Remove Form has been updated in the Find a Forms section of this website.  Please be sure to update and confirm that no previous Benefit Coordinators or Web  Contributions Coordinators have access to your PHI.  If you are a new BC or WCC, please feel free to contact Jill Bevins (susan.j.bevins@wv.gov)  to find out if there is a predecessor that needs to be removed.


Incomplete Change is Status Forms

Change in Status forms sent to PEIA requesting changes on a PH with no PH signature or date are not acceptable.  If an employee is on Leave Of Absence, the employer is still responsible for getting the form signed and dated.  PEIA cannot process these requests nor should the changes be made without a signed document from the PH.


Quarterly Benefit Coordinator Workshops 2016

If you missed the training on July 7, 2015 in Morgantown, here is the PowerPoint.  Please follow up with me if you have further questions.

Quarterly Benefit Coordinator Training 7-15

New Minnesota Life Supply Website

Minnesota Life has a new website dedicated to making your job easier as a Benefit Coordinator.  You can order supplies directly from this site and have them sent to you. 



 Pick a PCP Form

Because there are still thousands of PEIA PPB plan policyholders who have not named a PCP with the deadline upon us, PEIA is making available a blank Pick a PCP form. You may copy this form and distribute it to your employees who have not yet named a PCP online or on another Pick a PCP form. Please discourage employees from submitting more than one form. Multiple forms just gum up the works and slow the process down. One form per policyholder is enough. Thanks!

Pick a PCP Form

Premium Rates

See employers' portion of the premium rates for Preferred Provider (PPB) Plans ... Learn More.

Benefit Coordinator Briefing

The BC Briefing provides timely updates about health insurance and other services provided by PEIA ... Learn more.

Benefit Coordinator Training

Benefit coordinators can participate in Benefit Coordinator Workshops, On-line Courses,  Open Enrollment Training, PEIA 101, and other classes to help them carry out this important role. You can enroll on-line, too.

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