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About PEIA

PEIA was established under the Public Employees Insurance Act of 1971, to provide hospital, surgical, group major medical, prescription drug, group life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage to eligible employees; and to establish and promulgate rules for the administration of these plans. Benefits are made available to all active employees of the State of West Virginia and various related State agencies and local governments. Participants may elect health insurance coverage through a fully self-insured preferred provider benefit plan (PPB) or through external managed care organizations (MCO). Additionally, all participants may elect to purchase additional life insurance under the optional life insurance policy. For revenue, PEIA relies almost solely on the premiums paid directly by its participating employers and employees.

Contact Information

601 57th St., SE, Suite 2
Charleston, WV 25304-2345
Phone: 1-304-558-7850, 1-888-680-7342  
Fax: 1-304-558-2470, 1-877-233-4295
Email: PEIA.Help@wv.gov

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